New to Prevention of Heart Diseases? Here’s what you need to know!


Are you at the risk of your life, suffering from deadly heart disease? Have you accepted your fate? No doubt at some point you might bear a disease or syndrome due to age factor or because it’s in your genes. Why you are not trying to live your life comfortably by managing your health issues. Are they that much serious or you just have thrown yourself in the cruel hands of fate and waiting for time to leave this world. Why so much stress, we believe that one day we all have to leave this world but why in such depression and melancholy? Here’s the article for you to read the complete guidelines, some of the preventions and steps to make you heart healthy and your face smile!

I am not denying the fact that it’s no.1 deadly disease but with great care, you can live a healthy life no matter how people are very much attacked by this disease very frequently. It is because of the food we eat and timings of food to consume. It matters a lot what to eat, what not to eat, how to eat and when to eat. Here are seven tips to lower the risk of heart disease recommended by American heart Association (2010).

  1. Daily exercise
  2. Eat right food
  3. Try to lower your blood pressure
  4. Decrease cholesterol level
  5. Check blood sugar level
  6. Control weight
  7. Avoid smoking habit

If you follow these simple seven tips, I bet you can fully enjoy your life as a common person without having any disease. Dr. Michael Emery called exercising, a “magic pill” which works without any extra workload. It’s the cure of every type of disease whether high blood pressure, cardiac attack, muscles pull, diabetes etc. No matter how small the dose is, it’s the best medicine for staying happy and healthy. On the daily basis, walk for 150 minutes and go for aerobic exercise at least once a week. Isn’t it interesting that you are walking and find your mind at peace? Then go for it!

Avoid stress, tense situation and go for regular blood pressure check. For healthy heart, you must need to control your blood pressure in order to avoid any risk. You can lower your blood pressure by lowering weight, by exercising and by keeping record of salt and sugar consumption.

Control weight and here are some of the eatables you can eat to control weight. Eat fish such as mackerel, salmon to lower your cholesterol level which is good for heart. Add enough amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also control your blood sugar level by getting enough sleep, being smart and healthy, by avoiding anti-depressants, birth control pills and other medications.

Things to avoid are: do not go for packed, frozen and fast foods as they make person obese and it will be difficult to control the situation.

Healthy heart is crucial for sound body and mind!

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