Things Everyone Hates about Hashimoto’s Disease !






an Autoimmune Syndrome

Things Everyone Hates about Hashimoto’s Disease- an Autoimmune Syndrome

 Hashimoto’s Syndrome? a disease in which a person’s thyroid glands are affected due to immune system disorder. These are the small glands present at the base level of your neck below Adam’s apple. Thyroid glands are the part of endocrine system where hormones are produced which supports body work properly.

Hashimoto’s disease is mostly found in women in middle ages but it can affect anybody as men, women and children. If patients didn’t get treatment on time then it can lead to severe conditions. You might not know about the symptoms of the disease. This article is for you to mark the checklist if you are suffering from it. For example, the person might:

Feel tiredness and exhaustion

Feel cold unnecessarily

Long term constipation

Dry and patchy, itchy skin

Puffed face

Weak nails

Hair fall

Unexpected weight gain

Achy muscles, sensitivity and toughness

Pain in joints

Too much menstrual bleeding


Loss of memory

If you think you have these signs and symptoms, go to see your doctor as soon as possible. Let see what some of the causes of this disease are? It is caused due to immune system disorder. More of the causes are yet not clear but some doctors and scientists believe that it might be caused by viruses or bacterium while others believe that it’s a genetic disease. Other factors of disease can be, i.e., sex, age and heredity.

Risks involved? Oh yes, you must take care of the risk factors developing because of Hashimoto’s disease:

Sex: women are prone to this disease as compared to men

Age: can befall at any age

If thyroid or autoimmune diseases are present in your family then most likely you will be the next one. Also if some of you are more exposed to environment then due to radiations, you can have this disease. Do not think that it doesn’t matter rather go for the treatment. If you leave it untreated then this disease might lead to other health concerns such as:

Goiter: swelling of thyroid glands which can be the obstruction and hindrance while breathing or swallowing. A person might not feel pain but it has cosmetic effect means swollen throat doesn’t look good to see.

Heart related issues: when the cholesterol level in the body increases, then there is a great risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Mental illness: it can also cause depression and stress over a period of time which leads patients to severe mental illness.

Myxedema: it’s a life threatening disease which occurs due to untreated Hashimoto disease and patient might feel drowsiness. It makes patient unconscious of surrounding which is bad if it stays for long period of time.

Birth deficiencies: babies born to such mothers can be affected by the disease mother is having if left untreated.

Therefore, if you are planning for pregnancy or in early stages of pregnancy then you need to consult your doctor for baby to be born healthy!

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